Paklenica National Park Paklenica National Park Paklenica National Park Paklenica National Park Paklenica National Park

Paklenica National Park

If we head north from Petrčane, we will notice magnificent shape of Velebit mountain that towers like a guard over Zadar area. In its southern part, Paklenica National Park is located, known for its beautiful vegetation in the form of lush forests that are unusual for this rocky side of mountain that faces sea, as well as for its canyons of Small and Big Paklenica with steep cliffs called „kukovi“ which have become a top destination for free climbers and there are free climbing competitions all over the year. There are also many hiking trails, a mountain house and several shelters, ideal for mountain and nature lovers so they shouldn't miss the opportunity to visit Paklenica.

Kornati National Park Kornati National Park Kornati National Park Kornati National Park Kornati National Park

Kornati National Park

This unique National Park includes Kornati archipelago which consists of hundred islands, islets and rocks which make it an ideal destination for boat trips. There are ten marinas and several excellent restaurants which is why all lovers of sailing and good food consider it one of the top destinations. Rich marine life provides a unique experience for visitors who wish to try scuba diving. The outer part of the archipelago is especially interesting as so-called Kornati „crowns“ can be found there, which are steep cliffs on the border islands that face the open sea.

Krka National Park Krka National Park Krka National Park Krka National Park Krka National Park

Krka National Park

Situated in Šibenik hinterland, river Krka flows through the rocky area and creates seven magnificent waterfalls along its path, of which Skradinski Buk is the most famous one, where visitors can even swim in the river during summer. National Park includes almost entire river flow of Krka, and besides its stunningly beautiful vegetation and rich animal world, there are many interesting locations to visit, such as Visovac islet with Franciscan monastery, then Krka Monastery and archaeological site of Roman military camp, Burnum, where the remains of an amphitheatre can be seen. Along river Krka there are also remains of defensive towers which were used to control the entire area in the past.

Vrana lake Nature Park Vrana lake Nature Park

Vrana lake Nature Park

A mere hour of driving from Petrčane takes you to the Nature Park with the biggest freshwater lake in Croatia, Vrana lake. Lush vegetation, many swamp bird species that nest there, huge freshwater surface right next to the sea, these are the reasons that make this park unique. There are cycling and walking paths, and one can enjoy the magnificent view of the lake, sea and nearby islands from the lookout. One must not miss visiting Maškovića Han and 9th century Benedictine monastery, and each summer a real knight's tournament is held at Vrana.

Zadar Zadar Zadar Zadar Zadar


While Petrčane is a place with slow and relaxed way of living, the hectic pulse of season and numerous tourists is best felt in Zadar, a modern town just 10 km away. Zadar is regional capital and heads the economic progress of the region. It emerged from the town founded by ancient Romans, and its interesting and rich history left its mark in the form of valuable monuments from almost every period which makes walking through the streets of Zadar a museum-like experience. Zadar is also a modern town with many cafe bars, restaurants and shops that enables its visitors to experience today's Mediterranean lifestyle that combines tradition with the benefits of modern achievements.

Nin Nin Nin Nin Nin


It's a small town just a few miles from Petrčane, situated on a small island in the middle of sand lagoon, and has uninterrupted history that spans over three millennia. Nin used to be an important residence of Croatian nobility, and its long running history produced many monuments from all periods, from Roman remains through medieval cathedral to later buildings. Nin is also known for its production of salt, and visitors can see the entire process of making the most important spice in the world. Nin is particularly popular among the adrenaline lovers as favorable winds make it an ideal destination for everyone who enjoys wind and kite surfing and other „windy“ sports, and therapeutic mud found on the beaches nearby is the reason Nin is becoming an important health tourism destination.


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